Peakform Wellness started with the sole intent of providing approachable, collaborative care to patients from all walks of life. Our mission is to help people achieve better health by using world class manual therapies. We do not cater just to high level athletes. We  don't only focus on motor vehicle accidents. Our methods are catered towards people who are motivated to overcome their pain and limitations with a little bit of hard work, but without medications and surgery.


We use evidence based and active frameworks for care. Our experts are trained to design the most efficient path for our patients to reach their health goals. This philosophy also means we  can recognize early on when using other therapies may serve our patients better. That's  why we work in a collaborative setting where cross referrals or co-management of issues is encouraged.


Our methods are formulated to reach a patient's goals as efficiently as possible. Our techniques are designed for the real world. We are driven to be the Authority in Manual Therapies and our reputation earned over years of success speaks volumes. 


Dr. Dominic Chan   BSc, DC

Dr. Michael Liang   BSc, DC

Dr. Shirtina Quon   BSc, DC

Chiropractor & CEO




Yvon Beaudoin,  RMT

Jennifer Postles,  RMT

Hannah Yong,  RMT

Jonathan Yeung  BKin, RMT

Registered  Massage Therapist

Registered  Massage Therapist

Registered  Massage Therapist

Registered  Massage Therapist

Michelle Chan,  RMT

Karen Docksteader,  RMT

Registered  Massage Therapist

Registered  Massage Therapist


Yvonne Sui,   R. Ac.  

Registered  Acupuncturist


Amanda Richardson

Melissa Kular

Olivia Chan

Office Manager

Patient Care Co-ordinator

Patient Care Co-ordinator

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