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Peakform Wellness was born in 2015 with the goal of making effective healthcare simple. For many years, going to family doctors or walkin clinics to have bodily aches and pain addressed often led to frustration and frankly, ineffective care. 

This is is where Peakform Wellness would fill the void. Along with striving for worldclass manual therapies, Peakform would be the place where patients could find relief, find education, reassurance and be empowered to become a healthier version of themselves.  Our vision has always been to serve as a 'bridge' between the patient and better health by keeping it simple. Easy to understand. This founding principle has led to numerous success stories and Peakform gaining increasing reputation and accolades.  

From our humble beginnings in a clinic barely 600 Square feet with 3 treatment rooms in East Vancouver,  our mission led us to grow. 


Recovery. Simplified.

In 2019, with increasing demand and requests, Peakform started looking for more clinic space. It was during this time Peakform, would take over the practice of long time Chiropractor, Dr. Barry Sauser and expand it's offering into Burnaby. 

From there, Peakform was able to serve the communities of Burnaby and surrounding areas. It was also during this time, Peakform Wellness continued to win numerous awards for clinical care. 2019 would be the first year, but not last, Peakform Wellness was awarded the distinction of being voted; "Best Integrated Health Clinic", "Best Chiropractors", "Best Massage Therapy" and "Best Acupuncture" by the readers of the Georgia Straight. To sweep multiple categories was obviously an extremely difficult and rare feat, but it only served to confirm that our principles were in line with what patients wanted. 

Along with stories and first hand accounts from patients expressing their gratitude and how happy they were to finally find the help they were looking for,  we knew we couldn't stop. We we're on a mission to bring better health to the world!



In 2021, the original clinic in East Vancouver was clearly bursting at the seams. It was in this year, we made the bold decision to move to another space close by. Now the East Vancouver clinic is located right on Commercial Drive in a beautiful and spacious clinic with 5 treatment rooms and a large exercise space. 

But in addition to our clinic space, our team of dedicated, expert clinicians also continues to grow. Peakform's mission is to serve as guides on our patient's health journeys. We view patient care as a huge responsibility and a privilege. 

We continually find ways to make the complicated simple.  We want to make better health and health care approachable to the masses. In short, we want to be the healthcare team that patients look foward to seeing and are excited about the time they share with us. 

If our story resonates with you, get in touch with us!

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