At Peakform, the safety and well being of our patients and team members is paramount. 

In order to continue offering the highest quality of care in the safest space possible, for the forseeable future, we ask all our guests to be informed and please follow our enhanced procedures. 


- Pre- Screening: following guidelines set forth by the provincial health authority and our respective colleges, all                                            patients will be required to complete a questionnaire BEFORE arriving for their appointments. The                                    questionnaire will be automatically sent to your email to be completed. Alternatively, your                                                    questionnaire can also be done over the phone if you do not have internet access. Failure to                                              complete the screening can result in re-scheduling of your appointment. 

- Feeling Ill?: DO NOT COME TO THE CLINICS. Please call us and advise us that you are unwell. Even if mild, it is                                  better to stay home. Call us and we will gladly re-schedule your appointments with no charge. Of                                      course, we kindly ask you give us as much notice as possible if you are unwell. 


- Arrive on Time: Please arrive on time for you appointments. In order to maintain social distancing within our clinics,                                 we will minimize the number of people in our space. Please do not arrive too early and do not arrive                                 late. 

                               (Please also arrive alone. Only the person with the appointment should be arriving at the clinics)

- Wait Outside: Call us when you arrive. This way we can safely let you in or ask you to patiently wait for someone                                    else to exit.

- Wear a Mask: Mask wearing will be mandatory inside our clinics for the duration of your visit. Please bring your own                              but if you do not have one, one will be provided to you. 

- Temperature Screen: After verifying your pre-screening questionnaire has been completed, your temperature will be

                                        taken at the beginning of your session. 

- Sanitize: Please sanitize your hands with the sanitizer provided at our welcome desk. 


- Contactless Payment: To expedite payment and reduce the need for physical contact, Peakform can now offer to                                                  securely hold your credit card information in your file. This way, you can simply inform us                                                    you'd like to pay with the credit card 'on file'. 


- Appointment

   Staggering         : To minimize contact between patients, we have adjusted our schedules to minimize overlapping                                       appointment times as much as possible. 


                                   In addition the clinicians have added extra 'buffer' time to each appointments so they can assure                                       the treatment rooms and contact surfaces have been properly sanitized before the next patient                                         enters. 

- Enhanced Cleaning: The Peakform team has adopted an enhanced cleaning schedule with specialized cleaners                                                and equipment. Cleaning will occur continuously throughout the day. Specialized equipment                                              such as UV light atomizers  will also be used to sanitize our clinics as much as possible.